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What is it? North Tyneside Learning Trust, Community Foundation, and Make Stuff North East have combined forces to offer you a range of CPD courses and equipment to develop cross curricular STEAM learning in your school. Our modules develop confidence and competence in Computer Science teaching in a fun, engaging hands on way. By participating in the course you will be provided with the skills you need to deliver not only an engaging after school club but also and in your delivery of the wider computer science curriculum.

Take a look below at what’s on offer...

Year 3 “Making Marble Machines”


Help your pupils learn how computers work and make your own marble run.

During this module we will look at physical computing and how we can use events in the real world to change things on a computer screen. By combining LED’s, switches and some graphical coding with Scratch, your pupils will be able to create an interactive marble run.

Year 4 “Making Digital Imagery”


Get creative with photography as we develop a range of projects using the Raspberry Pi camera module.

During this course we will look at how to create digital media using the camera module. We will make a stop frame animation studio, a time lapse device and a selfie booth for your classroom. Not only will you build and code these devices, you can also use them for other creative projects around your school


Year 5 “Making Music”


Become a coding DJ with Sonic Pi.

During this module we will create digital music using a coding package called Sonic Pi. Pupils will be introduced to creating tracks with loops, manipulating sounds and using samples. You could help develop the next Deadmau5 or Daft Punk.

Who is it for?

This CPD is aimed at teachers in years 3, 4 and 5, but is also relevant for subject co-ordinators of Computing, Art, Science and Design and Technology. No prior coding knowledge is required to lead these extra curricular projects in your school. Our linked CPD and resources will give you all you need to run a fun and engaging STEAM based Maker Club in your school. All you need is an interest and a desire to help your pupils Make Stuff.

What does it cost?

The costings for the kits and training are as follows:

Marble Making Machines
£800  FREE to NTLT Partner Schools

Making Digital Imagery
£900 FREE to NTLT Partner Schools

Making Music
£500 FREE to NTLT Partner Schools

Costs include all of the required “Kit” to deliver the above modules
plus a full day of CPD to develop you skills, learn, make mistakes and play
in a supportive environment.

There are 2 training dates available for each module


Y3: Making Marble Machines

16th January
or 6th March


Y4: Making Digital Imagery
23rd January
or 13th March


Y5: Making Music

20th February
or 26th March

Get your school registered now to access over £2,000 worth of
Raspberry Pi equipment and Training FREE for your school.

Funding for this project was provided by the Platten Family Community First Fund at the Community Foundation serving Tyne and Wear and Northumberland.